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Welcome to Bismillah Label and Accessories Ltd

We have started our journey Oct 2014 with name Bismillah Accessories and 1st Mar 2018 we got incorporation certificate on name “Bismillah Label and Accessories Ltd.”Our aim to product quality Garments Accessories with reasonable price with better services.
We have developed online software to received order, online tracking, layout generate, production execution and stock management. It is smart enough to handle almost all type of product for any customer. Customers are able to print work order after submit order, so no need to prepare booking/work order separately, it will reduce work load for merchandisers. Also able to search order with their own style / po no to check production and delivery status. It will reduce lots of communication. We are able to export our product any countries after following international lows.


We offer reasonable price, compare to our services, Price are including delivery cost (within Dhaka city), Product picture with price are up-loaded on our web-site (


Delivery lead time 7-15 Working days from the date of approval. Quality is big challenge in this trade, we are maintaining international standard.


To ensure better services our customer management team is ready to give better services.

Our Clients