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Software Automation

From the beginning (Oct 2014) we are working different way, intention how to reduce work load for merchandiser and store also.  From the beginning we started with database, we kept them one shire pc all our user are up-date them each order information from the beginning to end. We got nice feedback from this database.  If any customer called us we are able to inform order status within few min.  But the difficulties is several person can’t up-date information at a time. So we decide to make it online on June 2017, Special thanks to CyberDeveloperBD as they work hard with us to build a dynamic software. We are able to handle almost all type of product for all type of customer. From order receiving to delivery , tracking, ean code generation, delivery challan generation, delivery statement, billing, stock management facility with the software. Concern merchandiser and store are able to check production, delivery status from their panel. Also they are able to search with their own style / Order no. Now we are able to received order from others country.

Your Order Automation Made Easy

All the tools you need to make and tracking your order from client area.

More Project Management Features

Order Tracking

You can now track your current order status easily.

Dynamic Client Panel

You can now check your all order history from our client panel. Search your old order and history.

Clean Ordering System

You can order from our online system and approve your order after duble checking. This system make your order accurate and clean.